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Artisanal Ice Rock - 45x70mm

Artisanal Ice Rock - 45x70mm

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Artisanal Ice Rock - 45x70mm

Available in a small, medium or large box. 

Crafted from triple-filtered water and free from impurities, our 45x70mm rectangular ice rocks are the ideal complement to any cocktail served in a short glass. Serve with a metal straw or simply place your chosen garnish on top of the ice rock. 

DELIVERY: Our ice is inspected for crystal-clear perfection before being expertly packed into insulatory Polystyrene boxes. Frozen delivery is available nationwide. Order deadlines are Sunday 5pm, for delivery that week. Orders should arrive Wednesday/Thursday for North Island addresses and Thursday/Friday for South Island addresses. North Island delivery - $30 per 2 cartons. South Island Delivery - $60 per 2 cartons.

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