• Storing

    Store ice at temperatures between -18°C to -6°C. Lower temperatures may create brittle ice and prolong tempering.

  • Tempering

    Tempering allows the ice to warm up before use, preventing cracking when liquid is poured over it.

  • Handling

    Use ice tongs to handle ice. Separate any cubes frozen together by gently inserting a sharp stainless steel knife between the joints.

  • Stamped Ice

    When using stamped ice, pour drinks around the side of the ice rather than directly over the stamped impression for the best presentation.

  • Refreezing

    If ice begins melting for any reason, ensure the ice is separated when returning to the freezer to prevent pieces from freezing together.

  • Washline

    For the perfect cocktail, your ice should come up to 1cm below the top of the glass and the drink should sit 1cm below the top of the ice. This will ensure the best look and the slowest melt.

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