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Garnished and Stamped Ice

Garnished and Stamped Ice

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Garnished or Stamped Artisanal Ice Rock - 45x70mm

Add flair and personality to cocktails, perfect for themed events or signature drinks, ensuring a memorable presentation. 

Standard Garnished Ice comes as a 45x70mm Rock. Other sizes may be available on request and with at least 21 days’ notice. 

Common garnishes include rosemary sprigs, ferns, marigold flowers and company logos. Garnish availability is seasonal depending on what is growing at the time.

Please enquire for ordering garnished or stamped ice. 


Garnished ice: $2.87 inc GST per piece. 

Stamped ice: $1.72 inc GST per piece + the one-off cost of the stamp ($300)

Stamp only: $350

DELIVERY: Our ice is inspected for crystal-clear perfection before being expertly packed into insulatory Polystyrene boxes. Frozen delivery is available nationwide. Order deadlines are Sunday 5pm, for delivery that week. Orders should arrive Wednesday/Thursday for North Island addresses and Thursday/Friday for South Island addresses. North Island delivery - $30 per 2 cartons. South Island Delivery - $60 per 2 cartons.

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